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17th Century Links:

John Milton:

The Milton-L Home Page-The premier Milton listserve and discussion group. Links to The International Milton Congress, The Milton Society of America, calls for papers, and much more.

The Milton Reading Room-Fantastic resource from Darmouth: e-texts of Milton's works in both English and Latin, bibliographies.

George Herbert:

George Herbert and The Temple links-Probably the best page of George Herbert links on the Net.

Project Canterbury A Priest to the Temple, Or, The Country Parson [1652 edition, original spelling; full text]


Luminarium-Many links to poetry prose, and external links. Breaks literary periods into Renaissance, early and later 17th Century, Cavalier Poets. One of Anniina Jokinen's many Web projects.

The Voice of the Shuttle- Tremendous collection of links, scholarly projects, e-texts. Covers Renaissance and 17th Century. Far too much to list.

Project Canterbury- Indexes by time period, place of origin, topics, collections, and more. Selected works by Lancelot Andrewes, Richard Hooker, and others. Some files are in PDF.

Shakespearean Prompt-Books of the Seventeenth Century U of Virginia's Electonic Text Library, publically accessible.

SAC LitWeb-Index of the Literature of the English Renaissance and Early Seventeenth Century. Maintained by Roger Blackwell Bailey, San Antonio College. Covers major 17th Century poets; Bibliographies of their works; some external links. Useful site.

Belmont Abbey College Library Rare Books Notes some major works from 1609 to 1699. Document images and good, short critical synopses of the works.

Representative Poetry Online Index of poets covers broad time period, including 17th Century. Some bibliographic information, some e-texts. U of Toronto.

Galileo's Daughter,  Maria CelesteTranslations of letters from Maria Celeste. Site by Albert Van Helden, trans. by Dava Sobel, Rice U.

Mr.William Shakespeare and the Internet In the site's own words, it attempts: "To be a complete annotated guide to the scholarly Shakespeare resources available on Internet...[and] To present new Shakespeare material unavailable elsewhere on the Internet. Well-constructed site, and although not comprehensive at this point in time, it appears to be regularly updated. Terry A. Gray, Palomar College.

Women Writers Living Between 1601 and 1700-A subdomain page from A Celebration of Women Writers, at UPenn. This would be a fine page even if it had no active links. Great list of women writers from this period. Some active links to e-texts and more by Mary Mark Ockerbloom.

A Celebration of Women Writers-Okay, so this one isn't solely 17th Century, but what a wonderful project by Mary Mark Ockerbloom, John Ockerbloom, and UPenn.

Meditative Treatises:

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola -Full text, available in HTML and downloadable RTF. TRANSLATED FROM THE AUTOGRAPH BY FATHER ELDER MULLAN, S.J. Probably the most popular and influential meditative treatise of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in England.

The Spiritual Combat -by Fr. Lawrence Scupoli. Full text. Another highly influential treatise, popularized by the endorsement of St. Francois de Sales. Site has a background image of St. Michael Fighting the Devil by Guido Reni, circa 1633.

British History:

Internet Medieval Sourcebook-Fordham U. History, letters, poetry, from the 14th-16th centuries.

New Advent-This one is not exactly British history, but it is a wonderful resourse for historical information on Catholicism. Home of the Catholic Encyclopedia. Also extensive biographical materials on Catholic saints. Active links throughout. A first-class website.

Witchcraft - America:

Salem Witch Trials Documentary Archive and Transcription Project-U of Virginia. Provides links to imaged pages of archival materials from Salem Witch Trials. Includes church record book from Salem Villiage Church; The New England Historical and Genealogical Register.

Pamphlets and Articles:

England's 17th Century Revolution -by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels: A Review of Francois Guizot's 1850 pamphlet Pourquoi la revolution d'Angleterre a-t-elle reussi? Published in Politisch-Okonomische Revue Second Issue, February 1850. U of Colorado at Boulder. Text of the original Marx/Engels pamphlet.

"A Newly Discovered 17th Century Bassoon by Haka," William Waterhouse. [From Early Music, August, 1988, pp. 407-410.] Article.

Articles on 17th-Century Science -Links to e-texts of several articles and conference papers by Michael S. Mahoney, Princeton U.

Untold Tales-A history of the Huron, John Steckley of Humber College, Toronto. Site is from U of Kansas.

History of the Integral from the 17th Century-Part of "The History of the Calculus and the Development of Computer Algebra Systems," An Interactive Qualifying Project by Dan Ginsburg; Brian Groose; Josh Taylor; and Prof. Bogdan Vernescu, Advisor, at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Typographic Exemplars:

Cary Collection-Typographic exemplars- wonderful images of title pages from several 17th Century texts. Not a great deal here, but fascinating.

Graphic Design: Typography, 17th CenturyU of Florida, Rare Book Collection. Includes some works from Spenser, Casaubon, Walle, Le Moyne, and Corneille.

Renaissance Dante in Print (1472-1629) Information on editions and title pages. Theodore Cachey and Louis Jordan, U of Norte Dame, in cooperation with The Newberry Library and U of Chicago.


(coming soon)


17th-Century Baroque Art-Chris Whitcombe's page at Sweet Briar College. Art images from late 16th through 17th century. Some text in Italian.

Russian Icons: Index Russian art spanning quite a period of time. Just a few from the 17th century. Quite a collection by George Mitrevski, Auburn U.

17th Century Gallery-Difficult site insofar as the index.html page is not the opening page, but rather a generic parent directory. When visiting this site it is probably best to click on the file index.html as a starting point. Still, images and notes make for worthwhile viewing. Barnard College.

Cultural Interaction  17th and18th Century Chinese and European Ceramics-Not much here but a few images of artifacts and a very short bibliography.

The English Country House-Images of various houses and castles from various periods. Alan L. Bradford, Connecticut College.


National Music Museum-Checklist of 16th- and 17th-century Instruments, with photographs, maker index, and listings of collections. U of South Dakota.

Organ History: The Seventeenth Century, England James H. Cook, Birmingham-Southern College.


17th Century Italian Architecture- San Jose State University provides an extensive gallery of expandable images.

Cuban Architecture: The 17th Century A dozen or so illustrations, little text. Interesting site but the page takes forever to load with a dial-up connection.

Maps and Illustrations:

Center for Middle Eastern Studies, U of California - Berkley. Images of maps of Cairo from 17th Century.

The Ralph Major Photograph CollectionIllustrations of maps and scientific instruments, U of Kansas Medical Center.

Mayo Clinic-Mayo Foundation Libraries 90th Anniversary ExhibitWorks displayed represent a wide range of topics from herbs and plants to dragons. They also include fine examples of woodblock printing. Several illustrations included.

17th Century art dealing with music and musical instruments. That's all that's here, no text. UMass, Lowell.

17th Century French GardensIllustrations of French Gardens as pleasures and pastimes of the bourgeoisie. Robert Schwartz, Mount Holyoke College.

Mortars and Pestles 17th Century-Just what it says: a few photographs of mortars and pestles. U of Texas Southwestern at Dallas.

Chronology of Solar System Discovery-Images of solar system and 17th Century breakdown of discoveries.

Bibliographies and Pages with Links:

 17th Century Marriage Bibliography July 1996 Student query and responses on text documenting marriage. Just a short list of texts, but useful as a starting point for someone researching marriage.

Horticulture and Crop Science in Virtual Perspective Brief biographies of major researchers and their works. Tim Rhodus, Ohio State U.

American History Websites: 16th and 17th Century-Links to several pages, but not all are scholarly sites. Washington U.

The Plymouth Colony Archive Project-Vernacular House Forms in Seventeenth Century Plymouth Colony: An Analysis of Evidence from the Plymouth Colony Room-by-Room Probate Inventories, 1633-1685.  Simply a very impressive work--any synopsis I could offer would prove insufficient. Patricia Scott Deetz and James Deetz, U of Virginia.

Anglo-Saxonists - 17th Century-Lists 27 individual 17th Century scholars and bibliogaphies of works on authors and texts.

Sir Matthew Hale (1609-1676)  English Jurist, 17th Century-Just what it says: lists his major work, a biographical work on Hale, and offers a brief biography on Hale's life. Biddle Law Library, U of Penn.

Life in Elizabethan England-More 16th than 17th Century, but so it is. Not a scholarly site, but useful as a reference for instructors teaching Intro level courses.

Milton Selected Bibliography-From Joan S. Bennett at the U of Delaware. Quite a useful site.

Syllabi and Course Materials:

The Seventeenth-Century Enlightenment: The emergence of a new picture of the Cosmos , Lyman A. Baker, Kansas State U.

17th Century Women Poets  No syllabus, but a course outline. Includes poems, articles, picture gallery, and more. Well done site from Susanne Webel, Universität zu Köln. (The site is in English).

Literature and Humanism in the 17th Century I: The Courtier, the Hero and the Saint-Syllabus and links. Alexia Duc, Harvard U.

A Sample 16th- and 17th-Century Women's Studies Syllabus  Karen Nelson, U of Maryland.

17th Century Philosophy: Bacon to Locke-Alan Gabbey, Barnard College.

16th and 17th Century Philosophy -Bruce W. Hauptli, Florida International U.

Holdings and Special Collections:

George J. Mitchell, Department of Special Collections and Archives List of holdings at Bowdoin Libaray, Bowdoin College.

Organizations, Societies, E-Journals:

The Milton Society of America -"The Milton Society of America, an allied organization of the Modern Language Association of America (MLA), was founded in 1948. It aims to further scholarship on John Milton, to cite outstanding scholars in the field, to publish an annual booklet summarizing the work of the society, and to promote the exchange of ideas about Milton. At present, the society includes 575 members, chiefly from the USA and Canada but also from 10 other nations."

The Marlowe Society of America -"The Marlowe Society of America is a non--profit organization which serves as a forum for exchange of information between scholars, critics, and other interested parties engaged in the study of Marlowe's writings, life, times, and related matters. The Society provides and encourages aids and incentives to Marlowe research and appreciation, such as meetings, conferences, colloquia, viewing of dramatic productions, awards, publications, etc. The Society publishes biannually the MSA Newsletter and MSA Book Reviews; it also holds two meetings at the Modern Language Association of America Convention every December."

Society for Seventeenth-Century Music -A Society Dedicated to the Study and Performance of 17th Century Music. Electronic newsletter, semi-annual newsletter, annual conference, and the online journal Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music , which is the next entry listed on this page. U of California, Irvine.

Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music- Refereed journal from U of California, Irvine, published by arrangement with U of Illinois P. Articles, reviews, CD's, books. Acronym: JSCM ISSN: 1089-747X

18th Century Links:

Jack Lynch's Page-What more could be said?