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Composition I gives students with the skills necessary for successful college-level writing.  The course emphasizes proper structure, organization and devoloping arguments.  The following outline is a week-by-week overview of textbook reading assignments and  and due dates.
Week 1
Course objectives/syllabus
Improving reading and writing
Week 2
Developing Arguments
Analyzing Arguments
Audience, purpose, tone, point of view
Paragraph writing - structure & organization
support and conclusion
Week 3
Thesis, predrafting
Examples of Good Theses
Writing Workshop - Paragraph 1
Paragraph due
Week 4
Organizing - first drafts
topic sentences
Intros & conclusions
Week 5
Writing Workshop - Example paragraph
Revising, editing, proofreading
Paragraph due-
Week 6
Revising, editing, proofreading
Week 7
Writing Workshop-revision of essay #1
More revision
Essay #1 due-
Focusing on essay #2 - Connecting Texts/Arguments
Week 8
Active Readers Ask Questions While Reading
Week 9
Writing Workshop- Asking Questions
Writing Workshop-Comparison/Contrast
Essay # 2 due -
Week 10
Comparison/Contrast readings
Week 11
Writing Workshop � Comparison/Contrast essay
Writing Workshop � In class writing
Essay #3 due -
Week 12
Reading Arguments
Writing Arguments/Theses
Week 13
Library research
MLA Documentation
Week 14
Writing Workshop � In class writing
Writing Workshop � In class writing
Week 15
Review for exam
Writing Workshop � In class writing
Essay #4 due -
Week 16
Final Exam
Course Policies and Requirements
Attendance is required.  Every absence results in lost points.
Late work: make prior arrangements made with the teacher, or late work will not be accepted.
All course work must follow the MLA format. No coursework will be accepted unless students have participated in the writing workshops. Plagiarism results in a grade of zero.
Quizzes � Are based on course readings.
Grading Scale:

59 and below = F
60 - 69 = D
70 - 79 = C
80 - 89 = B
90 and above = A