††††††††††† Discussion Questions/Observations:




There are no direct points earned from turning in discussion questions/observations; however, this one of the factors assessed in determining studentsí participation grades. Basically, these are assignments, so failure to participate by turning them in on time will result in a reduction of the participation grade. This goes to the issue of being consistently prepared for class.






         If you are absent from class these are the only types of assignments where you do not lose credit for failing to turn them in.

         Always read the homework and the activities at least once class ahead on the syllabus.

         These assignments must be typed, and are not accepted late. Handwritten discussion questions/observations earn zero credit. When the assignment is typed it demonstrates that it was prepared before class.

         If the discussion question/observation is over an article, click on the link under homework, read the article, and print a copy of the entire article.

         Type your discussion question and turn in the article and your discussion question/observation on the discussion day, stapled together in the upper left hand corner, with your discussion question/observation on top.

         Be prepared for a class discussion on the discussion day.

         I will not remind students to turn in these assignments. Simply leave them in one pile on a desk near the front of the room, and I will pick them up at the end of class.

         All other late or missing course work incurs a late penalty, as per the syllabus.

         If the discussion question/observation is over a video clip, then only the typed discussion question/observation is due on the discussion day.

         Discussion questions/observations need not be uploaded to TurnItIn.com.