Evaluation of aScholarly Article

1. Introductory passage

Does it clearly state intention, thesis, nature of investigation?
Is it direct and precise?
Does it establish no more and no less than the necessary context?
Does it specify limitations?
Does it arouse curiosity?
Does it suggest knowledge? Mastery of subject? Validity of project?
Does author win your confidence?

2. Organization

Does the body of the essay fulfill the promise of the introduction?
Is the structure clear?
Are the main points arranged in logical sequence? Do they follow naturally from one to the next?
Do paragraphs and groups of paragraphs exhibit unity and coherence?
Are any passages digressive?
Do you have difficulty following the argument? Is the case made?

3. Thoroughness and Objectivity

Is the argument complete? If it is fragmentary, is it properly related to a larger context?
Is it objective? Is there any evidence of preconception or bias?
Are alternate views acknowledged?
Have the obvious available sources been noted or used?
Are all main points properly supported?

4. Title

Does the title properly and adequately represent the composition?

5. Significance

Is the essay up-to-date?
Does it break fresh ground? Does it use old material in a new way? Or is it merely repetitious?
Does the unifying concept follow current trends?

6. Documentation

Is adequate and appropriate documentation provided?
Are quotations properly limited in number?
Are quotations and paraphrases properly integrated and credited? Avoid colons.
Are they effectively chosen to lend support to the basic argument?
Are all scholarly references precise and clear?

7. Accuracy

Is documentation consistently accurate in form and detail?
Are facts accurately credited to original sources?
Do paraphrases correctly represent the original author’s intent? Or are the original ideas distorted either by selection or by removal from context?
Do the mechanics of expression conform to standard practice?

8. Author

How active has he/she been in the field? For how long?
Does the author seem to have won the respect of his/her colleagues?
Do other author’s cite this author’s work frequently?
Does the placement of this author’s essay’s reflect the quality of his/her work?
Where is it published—well known journals or not?