Final Examination Study Sheet — English Composition II — Sections — 007 & 008





The final examination is closed book.


Bring the following materials:



Study Strategies:


Certainly you should reread both the Lessig and Russell articles a number of times. This approach will give you the best chance of doing well on the examination because you should be able to answer any of the four questions.


As an alternative strategy, you might choose only one of the articles and read it many times. However, this strategy will leave you with only two possible questions to answer.


I recommend reading both articles so that you are prepared for all four questions.


Review the following handouts:


The 5 Paragraph Essay Format:

How to Structure and Organize Your Essay


Avoiding Common Errors:



Note: Remember to write your name on the blue book; if you use blank lined paper write your name on each page turned in. 


Also, make certain to write on your exam paper the question number you are answering.