Lecture topic: How to format an MLA document header properly.


First look at p.151 in your Pocket Style Manual. Notice that the student’s last name, Daly, appears in the upper right hand corner of the paper, followed by the page number. You cannot simply type this into the text of the paper, for that is not a true doc header. Still, properly formatting one is rather simple; you can learn in a minute or two by following these instructions:


  1. Open a blank document in MS Word.
  2. On your top toolbar click on “View.”
  3. Choose “Header and Footer.”
  4. A text box will open, and a splash box will open below the text box.
  5. Your cursor will be flashing on the left side of the text box.
  6. Hit your tab key twice, which will move the cursor all the way to the right.
  7. Type in your last name, capitalizing only the first letter of your last name.
  8. Hit the space bar once, which will create one blank space after your name.
  9. Point your mouse to the first icon in the splash box, which is the icon for “insert page number,” and click the icon.
  10. On the splash box, click “close.”


Now you will see that your last name and the page number appear in a rather gray color in the upper right hand corner of your paper. That’s all there is to it. All assignments should include a doc header, no matter what the length of the assignment is.