Be smart about navigating the website.

About the Interactive Course Syllabus:

    Designed to make all course materials accessible 24/7, and website navigation easy.  The syllabus contains active links to virtually everything on the website.  I seldom distribute paper copies of course materials during class: if you lose something, just print it again.

    View the syllabus before each class.  If there is a reading on the web, as opposed to a reading in your textbook, you will need to print it and bring a copy to class. The Weekly Schedule of activities, at the end of the syllabus, provides the specifics of every assignment and in-class activity.  It is always wise to read ahead on the syllabus to make certain you are prepared for all upcoming assignments and activities. View the days class activity, homework, etc., and print/read/write whatever is necessary and bring it to class on the specified date.  Print everything at least a week in advance.  I never accept technology-based problems as a reason for being unprepared for class.

Other course materials:

    After you have familiarized yourself with the syllabus, look through the other drop-down menu boxes on the main page.  The course materials are available there as well as via active links throughout the text of the syllabus.  I have also created Power Point slide show lectures.  However, do not be concerned if your computer does not have the Power Point software program.  The same lectures will be given during class, and the same information is available in text version via the drop-down menu titled  Your Course Handouts, which anyone can print without Power Point.  When new handouts are added, you will find them under the drop down menu titled New Handouts, Links, etc.

A final note:

It is my expectation that you will always be prepared for class.

  --Mr. Stevens