Thesis Statement Mix-Up Handout

1) You will receive an anonymous index card with a peers thesis written on it.

2) Under the thesis, write an appropriate mixture of comments from the following list:

  • No debatable point
  • somewhat debatable but needs some work
  • awkward phrasing (underline the awkward parts)
  • unclear meaning (underline the unclear parts)
  • vague
  • debatable, yes, but too outlandish
  • debatable, yes, but could be offensive
  • highly debatable
  • fantastic thesis don't change a word!
  • include any other comments you believe to be helpful/appropriate

    3) You should finish with a mixture of comments written on the card.

    4) Next, score the thesis from 1-5, 1 indicating no thesis here, and 5 indicating Great! Don't change a word!