Argumentative Essay
(Total Value 15%)

Due Date: 11/30/07



General Guidelines:


1.    Page count: 4 full pages minimum to 5 full pages maximum, plus an additional page, which is the works cited page. If your paper falls short of the minimum required page count the grade will certainly suffer.

2.    Make certain that the essay has a thesis.

3.    Use the formatting guidelines established during class lectures.

4.    Use MLA Style Guidelines.

5.    Remember to title your essay in the form of a two part title. The two parts should be separated by a colon, and neither part should read “argumentative essay.”



·         Use the OSU Library system to find the article “RFID Tags: Commercial Applications v. Privacy Rights,” by Eileen P. Kelly and G. Scott Erickson, published in Industrial Management + Data Systems, volume105, issues 5 and 6, 2005.

·         Bring a copy of this article to class on 11/9/07 for class discussion.

·         Despite the fact that we have led up to this essay by reading the Kelly and Erickson article, your Argumentative Essay is not about the Kelly and Erickson article, but rather the larger issues associated with RFID tags and how they may affect privacy in the future. The Kelly and Erikson article is meant only to introduce you to the topic and some of the possible issues/problems/benefits involved therein.

·         Devise your own thesis and argument.

·         You must use a minimum of three outside sources, and you should consider using scholarly/academic journals.




How to turn in this essay: a paper copy is due during class on the due date. Additionally, an electronic copy is due, prior to the beginning of class, on the due date, and it must be turned in to as a MS Word doc file. Use the “file upload” method on the submit screen. You will be instructed during class about how to create a account, and how to turn in your work. Your essays will be considered late until both the paper copy and the electronic copies are turned in. All other rules for late work, as delineated in section six of the course syllabus, also apply. Moreover, your electronic turn-in must be an exact duplicate of the paper copy. In other words, no further corrections or revisions will be accepted. Also, if the electronic and paper copies do not match up it will have a negative impact on the assignment’s grade.


Due Date: 11/30/07