Reading Skills Portfolio
(Total Value 5%)

Due Date: 11/14/07

Reading Skills Workshops:

These workshops will dramatically increase your skills in the following areas:

1) Read faster
2) Increase comprehension.
3) Remember better what you read
4) Optimize note-taking skills for study

Reading Skills Portfolio:

In a pocket folder you will turn in the following:

1) On the Timings Handout for Speed Reading you will have recorded a bare minimum of two timings per week, which suggests at least twenty recordings. The purpose is to demonstrate your semester-long progress in reading speed and comprehension.
2) A series of pages of your reading notes over the various texts you have read this semester. You must use the grid-format I have taught during class, and the bare minimum number of pages turned in should be twenty.

During our reading skills workshops I will teach you how to take notes and record your reading speed.

Grading Criteria:

Neatness and accuracy.

Whether the notes square with guidelines established during class lectures.

The depth and scope of the work. In other words, are you handing in just enough to get by, or does your portfolio demonstrate that you have indeed practiced these skills throughout the course of the semester?

Final Note:

There is no need to assign you any extra work to practice these skills, for you are surely enrolled in other courses this semester. As such, you have much reading to do. Simply use assignments from your other classes to practice these skills, and you will, then, have increased your reading speed, comprehension, retention, and you will have extremely useful notes that you can use to study for final exams in all your other classes. Do not, however, turn in to me the only copy of your notes. I take no responsibility for their accidental loss or for accidental damage to them.

Also, please understand that although I can teach you these skills, just learning them is not, in and of itself, a magic bullet. In other words, for you to achieve maximum results you must practice outside of class. These are powerful skills that will enable you to spend less time on your schoolwork while achieving much higher grades. If you practice for four hours a week, the results will be dynamic.

Due Date: 11/14/07